MFB Loan Programme

MFB Public Transport Development Financing Programme

Soft loan and leasing facility for the development of public transport infrastructure, the purchase of new and used assets, and financing the renovation of used vehicles and the introduction of a ticketing system. Available to enterprises holding a public service contract for the provision of public passenger transport services.

MFB Enterprise Financing Programme 2020

Soft loans and leases for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, provided to increase their role in employment, strengthen their innovation and supplier activities, and promote their investments in rural development and healthcare, and additional funding for development and investment proposals, in particular in relation to those submitted under the New Széchenyi Plan.

Pharmacy Loan Programme

Loans for pharmacists to help increase the ownership share of pharmacists in pharmacies open to the public to ensure the fulfilment of the condition laid down in Articles 74(1) and 83/A(1) of Act XCVIII of 2006 on the General Provisions Relating to the Reliable and Economically Feasible Supply of Medicinal Products and Medical Aids and on the Distribution of Medicinal Products (Medicinal Products Distribution Act).

MFB Municipal Infrastructure Development Programme 2020

Soft loan provided to finance investments in infrastructure development needed for the performance of compulsory or voluntary municipal tasks and funding provided to sole proprietorships, companies, cooperatives and European Companies to cover the own contribution required under tenders announced for municipalities.

MFB Agricultural Working Capital Loan Programme 2020

The Programme offers resources for sole proprietorships, companies, cooperatives, European Companies, primary agricultural producers and family farmers for their production in Hungary in order to improve the competitiveness of agricultural production and to foster the production of quality products.

MFB PO Working Capital Loan Programme 2020

The aim of the loan programme is to provide working capital loans at a reduced interest rate to producer groups in the fruit and vegetable sector and to producer organisations granted final recognition.

MFB Food Industry Working Capital Loan Programme 2020

The aim of the loan programme is to improve the competitiveness of the food sector by providing resources in order to facilitate the working capital financing of operating in the food industry.

MFB-FGS Land Loan Programme

Financing with simplified appraisal of creditworthiness the purchase price of land parcels purchased through auction or by exercising preemptive rights to auctioned land parcels under Government Decision No. 1666/2015 (IX. 21.) on the measures necessary for selling state-owned land to farmers under the Land for Farmers Programme by the National Land Fund Management Organization.

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